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5 things to do NOW to be ready for whatever school looks like this fall

Whether it's virtual or pod learning or in school or a teacher in your home, you MUST be ready. This involves: reading, researching, organizing and supplementing.

  1. Get the curriculum for the school year.

  2. Identify what is not being offered (sports, arts, gym).

  3. Supplement

  4. Get your child's inoculations all in order and get the flu shot, it's available

  5. Have contingency plans in place for any change in learning this year.

That's a to do list you can tackle!

Need a music teacher?

And now is the time to educate yourself about social equity, we all want our children to be in a better world, and that takes work!

Take control of your life in the ways that are possible, be an up-stander, not a by-stander.

Contact Wendy Levey Consulting , we got this!

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