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Ace school from the get go ? Keep routines and learning going, EVEN at the end of the summer.

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

As all kids get ready to go back to school, you do them no favor by removing routines and just "hanging". When your child goes back to school in a few weeks, whether they are 3 or 10 or 16 years old, make sure they are still reading and writing in journals or diaries or even blogging now.

Make it fun- read in a tent, write about an adventure, work on vocab words, practice math skills by counting how many times you can dribble a ball, or hit a tennis ball, try doing it by 2s or 5s or 20s.

Make sure your kids (any age) get up have a routine for the day, do some reading, use their minds and get some sleep. September and school, will be much more easily navigated. Don't waste time, we lost way too much during the pandemic.

Keep you eye on the ball, continuity of learning is critical!

If you're not in the right school, find the right school! Education takes your child anywhere they want to go.

Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this, all things educational: preschool through highschool.

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