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John Madden, football and spirit personified-boom!

John Madden always had that will to win.

John Madden was everything that is good about football. He played in college, he was a Hall of Fame Coach, he was an announcer, he was an analyst, he was a broadcaster, he was an author, he was even a video game inspiration.

For me, I loved watching him draw the plays out on TV so even I could understand the game!!

It doesn't matter whether you play football, watch football or like football, John Madden has taught us all so much about passion, knowledge, hard work, creativity and career pivoting.

These are values for all children to have and we as parents, teachers and educators can be their coaches to make sure this happens.

Find the right school with these values because education matters. Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, all things education preschool through high school, we've got this.

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