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Labor Day? Already? SCHOOL, helppppp!

Have you given any thought to school supplies? Backpacks? An area at home for your child to work if you've chosen to be at home, or if school ends up being virtual part or all of the week? Schedule? Tutors? Applying for independent school for next year? New shoes?? Tech support??

Are you set for masks for your children if they are going out ? Have you practiced having your kids wear masks? Or if they are applying to independent schools for next year, are they ready for the T&E (assessment tool) and wearing earphones?

Have you started reading about how you as a family can raise your children to be anti-racist? Have you researched schools invested in social justice?

Have you found tutors for enrichment or catch up or just to supplement?

Dearest( Use code on our website for a discount.

Well, we have some answers for you! Contact: Wendy Levey Consulting , we've got this!

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