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Nana, the 5th Ninja!

While babysitting my 6 year old grandson a few weeks ago, he asked me how do I know how to crack an egg and how to catch ladybugs and that reading is important. My response to him, "because I'm the newest Ninja- Nana Ninja!". He responded with, "You can't be a Ninja, you don't have a power!" I said, "I sure do, it's learning, I'm the Learning Ninja."

Learning is teachable moments. We strategized and played laser tag, we counted measurements while we baked cookies and we explored nature while catching ladybugs and putting them in a container with grass. We also read his books, wrote a letter to his sister at camp and went to a sing-a-long in his town square and "kept the beat" to a myriad of great songs like Sweet Caroline with a Tamborine and Wooden Sound Tube.

Writing his sister was fun, especially when I let him use the label maker to make it look like

"real stationery".

The town sing-along was a great way to run off some steam after dinner.

Don't ever waste the moment, learning is my power!

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