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Super Bowl + NYC Kindergarten Admits, what a week!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

This year has had a lot of sea changes, but happily, the Super Bowl will take place this weekend with Patrick Mahomes who played not only football, but baseball and basketball in his youth! That's what this amazing athlete, #15 with the Kansas City Chiefs, whose father is Black and his mother is white, truly is, an amazing athlete. Children and adults hang on what he has to say,

"The best thing about it is you're showing kids that no matter where you grow up, what race you are, that you can achieve your dream."

His opponent, Tom Brady, #12 with the Bucaneers, is also a consummate athlete and quarterback at the amazing age of 43, this will be his 10th Super Bowl appearance!

What is remarkable and significant is just how much these two men can teach our children. (Go KC, just sayin')

And, I would listen to Amanda Gorman, who will read a poem at Super Bowl this Sunday, read the phone book! Make sure your children listen to her words.

This is why kindergarten choice in NYC is also important to continue the work of social justice and learning.This week, families in NYC who applied to Independent schools will hear what their options are.

Education matters, school matters, social equity matters and the Super Bowl matters. They are all important vehicles of change and hope.

Find the right school, contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this!!!!

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