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Toys R Us + Macy's for the win!

I attended the opening of Toys R Us at Macy's Herald Square this week and wow! I can't tell you how excited the room felt, toys are back and in a big way!

Being able to touch the toys, feel the toys and experience the toys was magical!!!

Even better was watching the children, and grown ups, eagerly approach each toy with excitement, anticipation and such joy!!

I may not have been a Toys R Us kid, but I was a FAO Schwarz and Rappaport's kid, and as someone who recommends toys to my clients, I am thrilled that Macy's is now the home of the much improved, fabulously displayed and laid out Toys R Us!

Don't miss a visit to Macy's at Herald Square and go directly to the 7th floor and experience Toys R Us!

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