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Wendy Levey Consulting can help you find the best school match for you and your child and so much more...

Welcome to Wendy Levey Consulting on all things education

(Pre-K through High-School)

In addition to academics, secondary schools in NYC cultivate leadership skills, build organizational abilities and create lifelong personal connections that are invaluable in life. Picking the right independent private school for your child and getting in, is the first important step in your child’s educational and life journey.

​​The emphasis that private schools place on character building and the strong sense of values that are integral in all parts of their curriculums are one of many qualities that make the private school world so special. Being a part of the right community of students, administrators, advisors and coaches has a lasting impact on your family and more importantly your child’s life.
Wendy Levey‘s own NYC private school education, her children’s educational experiences and the over 40 years of helping place children in nursery schools, kindergartens and lower schools in NYC means that Wendy Levey knows the private school world inside and out. Wendy Levey Consulting specializes in grades Pre-K through High School.

​There is no greater gift to give to your child.

Education is an investment in the future,

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Wendy Levey

Wendy Levey was born in California, spent her early school years in Connecticut before moving to New York City and attending an 8 year co-ed school and graduating from an all-girls secondary school for high school.

Both of her children went to both co-ed and single sex schools in New York City and she has spent a lifetime placing varied multi-cultural, smart children, both from NYC and not, from many economic backgrounds in the best independent school possible for that child.



If you have a child that will be entering into the New York City school system in the near future, the services of Wendy Levey Consulting will help to prepare everyone for this process.  From preparation for the interview to evaluation of all of the schools offered in the NYC school system, Wendy will assist you in making the best choice for your child and their future.



  Wendy Levey Consulting works with a variety of highly recommended specialists here in the NYC area. Specializing in tutoring, development, empowerment, parenting and more.

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Parents Recommend Wendy Levey


Emily F.


As a well connected, well respected academic leader, Wendy has and maintains close connections with all of the Heads of the New York area ongoing schools which she has fostered over the past 40+ years. She works tirelessly with parents helping them to compile lists of targeted schools, assures that she champions her students during the application and interview processes, and follows up consistently maintaining open lines of communication. She makes a stressful process much easier because she sets expectations properly and is empathetic to the emotional rollercoaster that this process can be.

Julie K.

Admissions Director,

Independent School in NYC

Wendy is driven to succeed in assisting with the placement of her children in ongoing schools.  Her devotion, commitment, and persistence are qualities which assure families a stellar future!!! Wendy is extremely well-known for her expertise in the world of

private education.


Wendy knows each child as well as possible and is able to discuss strengths and weakness at length. She is forthcoming, frank, and thorough.


Celia L


Wendy expertly guided us, as she does all families in the on going school process even when our daughter needed accommodations due to a vision issue.

While the educational landscape has changed over the last 20 years - Wendy has kept up with the changing needs of families to make sure she can provide them with the support they need.

As a parent I cannot think of any better private school placement person than Wendy Levey.


Wendy Levey Consulting?


The Best Schools in New York City

Wendy will help prepare both the parents and the children to get through the admissions process successfully.


Each Child Will Receive their Customized Plan

Wendy understands that every child learns differently, so she will customize a plan just for your child and your family to ensure they are prepared for the admissions process.


Preparation For the Parents

One very important fact is that although the child is trying to gain admission to the school, the parents are also an important  part of the process. Wendy will help parents with all aspects of the process.

In the Classroom

Answer Your Questions

Wendy will help with finding an Occupational/Speech/Physical or play therapist. She can recommend what you or your child should ask on an interview or even what should be in an essay. Or Wendy can work with families on questions to ask a perspective babysitter, Nanny or tutor.

Wendy Levey Consulting

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