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Wendy Levey was born in California and spent her early school years in Connecticut. After moving to New York City she attended an 8 year co-ed school and graduated from an all girls secondary school before going to Wheelock, Bank St. and Columbia Teachers College for degrees in education.

Her own children went to co-ed and single sex schools in New York City. She has spent a life-time placing a plethora of multi-cultural, smart children from varied socio-economic backgrounds, some who grew up in New York City and even more that did not, in the best independent school possible for that child.

No one fights harder for the children she works with than Wendy Levey.

Wendy Levey is the Founder/Director of Epiphany Community Nursery School, ECNS ETC and STEAM-E Summer Days camp. The school was founded in 1975, the activity center, now called ECNS ETC was originally called Rhythm and Glues and was founded in 1990 and STEAM-E Summer Days camp was founded in 1996.

Educated at Wheelock College, Bank St. graduate School and Teacher’s College, Wendy decided to start her own school in 1975. As the school grew from 5 children at inception to as many as 150 children, she began developing an educational foundation based on 3 blocks: 2s need to learn how to share and separate, 3s need to learn how to be independent and 4s need to be active learners. Each one of the steps builds on the former step.  The school is highly multi-cultural celebrating many holidays through food and music.

No institution survives being stagnant, so Wendy added classes in Emergent Reading and Emergent Math for the 4s and Sequencing the Body, Sequencing the Mind for 3-year old children. Because she knows children need educational fluidity, it made sense to have classes and camp available to the children as well. Most recently she added Sunrise Movement before school starts in the morning, so they can have a gym activity first thing and be ready to learn more capably when they enter the classroom. Healthy body, healthy mind is always important.

Wendy has served on the Boards of two independent schools, a college and a rehabilitation center, helping her to stay current with educational and societal trends. She has also been part of several films about getting into school: Nursery University directed by Mark Simon and Getting Into Kindergarten directed by Pam French.


  • Founded and ran a premiere pre-school on the Upper Eastside for over forty years

  • Developed and established relationships with Directors of Admissions and many school heads in NYC schools

  • Wendy Levey has served on various school boards throughout her career

  • Wendy Levey Consulting specializes in grades Pre-K through High School.


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Featured in...

When documentary filmmaker Mark Simon, came to me about participating in his film Nursery University, I said, “ No!”. Mark was tenacious and when I saw he truly wanted to make a serious instructional film about the process of applying to pre-school in all parts of NYC, I was sold on his sincerity and desire to educate young families.

This film was shown in movie theaters , has been available on Netflix and has even been used at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate Education school and Columbia’s as well.


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