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Adult Books

The more you read as parents the more you’ll know about children and how they learn or grow or develop.


I’ve compiled a list of wonderful books to help you explore the possibilities. Even if you pick up one piece of information about how boys learn or an aspect of parenting or how to raise good girls, you’ll be ahead of the game. As a voracious reader, I invite you to expand your thinking and get ready to be just a little bit more knowledgeable, it makes you feel so competent!  I know I have always read for so many reasons as an educator, a mom, a grandmother, a teacher and a friend and continue to do so. Get ready to get smart!

Adult Books for Parenting & Education

Starting Preschool or Kindergarten

Starting Preschool or Kindergarten can produce some anxious moments, here are some wonderful books to help soothe those nerves the old fashioned way-with a good book!


Babies-Toddlers Books (Ages 0-2)


Children's Books (Ages 3-5)