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Below you'll find some videos and interviews with Wendy Levey that provide insightful and helpful information.

5 Questions About... Private School Admission


What are private schools looking for when they interview a child for Kindergarten? What skills should your child have? How can parents prepare their child? How can they prepare themselves? Wendy Levey shares her years of admissions experience.

Becky Kennedy: The Single Most Important Parenting Strategy


Everyone loses their temper from time to time — but the stakes are dizzyingly high when the focus of your fury is your own child. Clinical psychologist and renowned parenting whisperer Becky Kennedy is here to help. Not only does she have practical advice to help parents manage the guilt and shame of their not-so-great moments but she also models the types of conversations you can have to be a better parent. (Hint: this works in all other relationships too.) Bottom line? It's never too late to reconnect.


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Wendy Levey - Why it's important that kids learn to advocate for themselves


Diamond Bridges is a show created and hosted by noted Piano and Vocal Coach, Irene Diamond. She focuses on the SUZUKI approach for beginning instruction starting with children from 4 and up. This Talk Show bridges generations through conversations and stories told from home.

Wendy Levey was featured on Episode 1: How To Talk to Kids About Taboo Topics and Tips for Teaching Kids Safety. It is available on the YouTube Channel: Diamond Bridges Show. The show is produced by Evelyn Diamond, Irene’s daughter, and a dancer living in Melbourne, Australia.

This is another great example of women empowering other women.


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