"Wendy is driven to succeed in assisting with the placement of her children in ongoing schools.  Her devotion, commitment, and persistence are qualities which assure families a stellar future!!! Wendy is extremely well-known for her expertise in the world of private education.

Wendy knows each child as well as possible and is able to discuss strengths and weakness at length. She is forthcoming, frank, and thorough."

- Julie K.

Admissions Director, Independent School in NYC

"As a well connected, well respected academic leader, Wendy has and maintains close connections with all of the Heads of the New York area ongoing schools which she has fostered over the past 40+ years. She works tirelessly with parents helping them to compile lists of targeted schools, assures that she champions her students during the application and interview processes, and follows up consistently maintaining open lines of communication. She makes a stressful process much easier because she sets expectations properly and is empathetic to the emotional rollercoaster that this process can be."

- Emily F.


"Wendy expertly guided us, as she does all families in the on going school process even when our daughter needed accommodations due to a vision issue.

While the educational landscape has changed over the last 20 years - Wendy has kept up with the changing needs of families to make sure she can provide them with the support they need.

As a parent I cannot think of any better private school placement person than Wendy Levey."

- Celia L.


"When we were looking for a Kindergarten for our precocious daughter, it was obvious to me that we would work with Wendy Levey.  She has decades of knowledge, experience and relationships.  She is direct, offering clear opinions in an often dizzying process.  Wendy is responsive to questions big and small - no detail is too “silly” - and her timeliness is impeccable.  Beyond that, her integrity is well known, she is warm with children, tireless in pushing toward the goal and an absolute pleasure to work with."

- Ilana G.


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