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"Wendy brings a wealth of knowledge refined through decades of experience. Having her as a guide made an overwhelming and daunting process manageable for us. With Wendy's assistance, the process of discovering the right fit for our children became a truly fruitful journey. For us, this was not an exercise about placement in a selective school, but rather determining the academic institution best suited for the unique needs of each of our children. We learned more about who they are as people, which environment they would best thrive in, and about our own priorities and limitations as parents.”

- Erin Y.


"Wendy is a unique educational consultant, who really cares about the kid's interests and works tirelessly to find the school that best fits the kid.  The application is such a stressful process, especially during a pandemic.  But whenever we need to talk to her, she is always there, answering our concerns in great detail and easing our stress! She is such an amazing consultant that one cannot miss!"

- Xi


"Wendy is driven to succeed in assisting with the placement of her children in ongoing schools.  Her devotion, commitment, and persistence are qualities which assure families a stellar future!!! Wendy is extremely well-known for her expertise in the world of private education.

Wendy knows each child as well as possible and is able to discuss strengths and weakness at length. She is forthcoming, frank, and thorough."

- Julie K.

Admissions Director, Independent School in NYC

"As a well connected, well respected academic leader, Wendy has and maintains close connections with all of the Heads of the New York area ongoing schools which she has fostered over the past 40+ years. She works tirelessly with parents helping them to compile lists of targeted schools, assures that she champions her students during the application and interview processes, and follows up consistently maintaining open lines of communication. She makes a stressful process much easier because she sets expectations properly and is empathetic to the emotional rollercoaster that this process can be."

- Emily F.


"We worked with Wendy as we moved from London to NYC in the middle of summer break. We were extremely worried given all the stories we had heard about intense competition for private schools and all the press surrounding public schools. But we came across Wendy while reading an article on top NYC school admission consultants (NYC Preschools: 8 Experts to Know to Get Your Child Accepted ( After talking to a few of them, we realized Wendy was truly connected with most schools given her own professional experience running a school. She took time to explain the different schools, their philosophy, mix of student body and gave recommendations based on her own experience. After finalizing our preference list, she was able to speak to School Admission Directors in just a day and let us know where open spots were. Overall, our admission process was effortless and very fruitful thanks to Wendy which led us to being chosen by the top choice school on our list."

- K. Joshi


"Wendy expertly guided us, as she does all families in the on going school process even when our daughter needed accommodations due to a vision issue.

While the educational landscape has changed over the last 20 years - Wendy has kept up with the changing needs of families to make sure she can provide them with the support they need.

As a parent I cannot think of any better private school placement person than Wendy Levey."

- Celia L.


"I wanted to express how grateful we are for your guidance of our daughter's application process.  It’s hard to find the combination of someone who can be a clear eyed assessor, straight shooting communicator, encourager of dreams and strategic partner in crime of how to get there, but somehow you manage be all that with grace and warmth.  Not once in a million calls, emails and texts did I ever feel I was bothering you, being silly, or “on the clock.”  Our daughter loved her time with you and I am so appreciative that even now I get your thoughts on toys and reading materials that might help her soar.  There are many of people that “know school stuff,” but your experience and advocacy can’t be compared."

- Ilana


"We worked with Wendy Levey closely during this application season, starting from last summer. Wendy is so helpful in every aspect of the application process, from compiling the list of the schools, essay editing, zoom interview techniques, following up with each school, and the final choice. In contrast to many other school admission consultants, Wendy is a unique educational consultant. She cares about the child's interests and works tirelessly to find the school that best fits the child. She conducts her own interviews with each child she works with to know personally that child's strengths, weaknesses, and personality and then compiles a list of schools that best fits the child. During the process, she provides numerous valuable instructions and tips. The school application system in NYC is a very stressful process, especially during a pandemic.  But whenever we needed to talk to her, she was always there, answering our concerns in great detail and easing our stress. More importantly, she truly understands "diversity" and fully appreciates different families' educational goals.  With Wendy's great help, our child got accepted into almost every school that we were genuinely interested in. It was unbelievable for us! We cannot find appropriate words to express our gratitude to her. Wendy helped make such a stressful application process much more manageable. She is such an amazing educational consultant that one cannot miss."

- Xi and Yingze


"When my son decided, half way through high school,  to change course and apply to boarding school, we knew that this teenage boy of few words would need some interview skill assistance. Over the course of several sessions, Wendy put him at ease and got him to think about relevant personal answers to common interview questions. Wendy helped him figure out how to differentiate himself in a creative way at each school he applied to. He was able to comfortably engage in meaningful conversations with interviewers and we received many compliments on his poise and confidence!"

- Chryssanthe D.


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