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Can't get out of the house on time for school?

Try some "tricks" and see if they help!

  1. Lay your clothes out the night before, do not argue or debate in the morning. If there are no clean socks or underwear and you don't have a washing machine, as a last ditch desperate measure, turn them inside out.

2. Decide on breakfast the night before, set the table and lay out whatever you need (bread, bowl with flour for pancakes, pan for eggs) If you are running late, throw a bagel or toast in a baggie and bring it with you.

3. Brush teeth and get dressed before breakfast.

4. Put their shoes and backpacks by the door (these are always hard to find when you are rushing!)

5. Have paper and crayons at the breakfast table so your child can draw (excellent for creativity and fine motor skills) while they wait for their meal.

6. Get your kids to bed on time, if they dawdle, they get fewer books and less reading time, a good night's sleep is crucial to success in school.

7. Have an alarm clock in your child's room, let them pick out the clock.

8. Keep "jobs" short and accomplishable: pull up the covers and put your pajamas under the pillow.

9. Maybe play dance music when they wake up to get them going.

10. Make sure whoever brings them to school has an essentials bag: hair brush, some money, barrettes and scrungies, boxes of raisins, health bar, sun block, hand wipes, tissues)

11. Post a schedule on the door with a drawing of the clock at what time you need to be out the door.

Routines for kids are paramount. They keep children feeling safe and cared for. Morning and bed time routines are equally important. Being ready matters and most importantly-choose the right school, one that values education and character equally.

Contact Wendy Levey Consulting whether it's for pre-school or high school, we've got this!

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