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Courage and a great dress!

When Carlotta Walls, one of the Little Rock Nine Students in the late '60's, started at Central High School, she wore the first store-bought dress she had ever owned. The white kids spat at her, pushed her and knocked her books down, but she persevered, because getting a good education was a strong family priority.

Harry Smith did a wonderful piece on this story on the Today Show this morning: "A Dress and a Dream", watch this show with your kids, it's important.

The dress and this stellar report card are at the Smithsonian in Washington, go on line to and see this and many amazing stories about integration.

When we talk about courage to our children, it can be in books:

Henry's Freedom Box (6-10 year olds) by Ellen Levine about a young boy who is born into slavery and the Underground Railroad.

Brave Irene by William Steig for 3-8 year olds about a little girl who helps her mother by delivering a dress to a client on a sled in a snowstorm.

Mirette on the High WIre (3-8 year olds) by Emily McCully is the story of a high-wire artist who has lost his courage to perform and how a little girl helps him re-gain his courage.

For older children, how about:

A Girl Named Disaster by Nancy Farmer about an 11 year old girl in Mozambique who is being forced into marrying a cruel man and so she runs away.

or Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy by Gary Schmidt, a historical novel for teens about the government of Maine trying to put residents of Malaga Island in a mental hospital and tearing up their homes.

There are so many books and so many ways to teach children about courage, isn't now the time to do it?

Find the right school to partner with your family in social equity, education and the right values.

Whether it's riding a bike, building a building, learn to play a hard game or standing up for someone's rights, we need courage!

Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we got this!

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