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Don't sit there, that's MY chair!

Updated: May 6, 2021

While away for the weekend, celebrating my partner's grandson's fifth birthday, there was a kerfuffle over which chair Grandpa Richard took for dinner. Jack announced, "That's my chair!" His parents immediately jumped in and said, "that's not nice and Grandpa Richard doesn't know who sits where." I then said (can't help being a teacher), "Jack, do you know why Mommy and Daddy said that?" Jack without missing a beat said, " Because of kindness and respect." I was bowled over, these are moments one dreams of with their children and Jack got it. That's an example of good parenting that sunk in!

For Teacher Appreciation Week, The Today Show highlighted Donovan Taylor Hall who teaches a course in California to underprivileged 12-13 year olds on emotional well-being. He wants to be a modern day Mister Rogers. Check him out!

California middle school teacher spreads lesson of positivity

Teachers, parents, firefighters, police people and so many more teach our children about respect and kindness. Are you working on this with your children to learn to give respect and kindness in order to command respect and kindness?

Choose the right school to work with you on this, now more than ever, kindness and respect do matter, contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this!

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