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How to be the kid every school wants

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

When you look at a school you need to think, will my family fit here? Will my child thrive here? Will this school help my child stretch?

What do you need to do? How should your child present themselves? Do essays matter? Do you need connections? Isn't the school around the corner just fine?

Think about who your child is. Do they like large groups or small groups? Is your child a self starter? Does your child do best when they know what the expectations are first? Are they an auditory, visual, kinesthetic learner? Do they have a special talent or skill? Are languages important?

Research schools, go on line, talk to parents at many schools. Join for workshops and information on individual schools, public and private.

Watch your child and how they play or work.

Schools have never been more important than they are now. Social equity matters and how the school values that differs from school to school. Educate yourself and start those conversations with your child now on these important topics.

Child assessment, school analysis, interview skills , learning style, options- we got this, please contact: Wendy Levey Consulting,

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