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I love Valentine's Day!

Teaching our children to reach out and tell someone they love them, is so important.

For one thing small children get to practice their grapho-motor skills in such a productive way and they get to be in touch with their positive emotions.

Teaching children compassion, thoughtfulness and thinking about others is always a good thing!

Sir Thomas Moore is the wonderful gentleman in England who started walking to fundraise for NHS money to support COVID efforts, even while he himself was on a walker! This is a book about family, perseverance, resilience and working together. That's some Valentine!!!

When children can work together on Valentines projects, cards and cookies and make so many people happy, it is infectious!

Be the love, spread the love, find the right school to do this with. Social equity matters, values matter, schools matter.

Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this!

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