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Interviewing skills are critical for school admission at any age level

Never has there been a time like this when all of us are so removed from social activity. Children need to know how to handle themselves on an interview, virtual or otherwise.

We can help you with these skills.

Here are some pointers:

1. Always look the people you are talking to in the eye, it shows poise, comfort level and personal connection.

2. Answer the question you are asked, not your own question.

3. Be prepared to answer a question about your own life or about the school you are looking at.

4. Act like you are interested, be animated!

5. Be prepared to ask a question of your own, do NOT ask how many kids are in the class. Questions like that are easily accessible on line and in the school's information.

6. If you are applying for kindergarten, be prepared to draw a picture of your self and your name.

7. Practice, practice, practice with someone to see how this all feels.

8. Can this be done virtually? You bet!

Wendy Levey Consulting has helped kids from 2-18 present them selves in the best way possible for years, call or email us, we got this!

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