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Lisa Byington and NBA sports!!!!

Lisa Byington has become the first female play by play reporter in the NBA for the Milwaukee Bucks. This is significant because it opens the way for other females to have significant voices in sports.

She played basketball in college, covered everything to do with basketball and always wanted to do play by play and now she is!

This could be your daughter, your sister or your mom! Give them their voice, encourage them to break the glass ceiling and go for greatness.

Read to your kids about women who play sports!

And encourage the girls you know to play any sport they want!

Healthy body, healthy mind! Play sports, follow sports or write about sports!

Find a school that celebrates these values and believes your daughter can be whomever she wants, can play whatever she wants and even broadcast play by play sports !!!!

Contact: Wendy Levey Consulting, where we strategize, educate and advocate for your child, pre-school through high school.

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