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My Mom's name is "Alya" and my Dad's name is "Babe"!

When children apply to school for kindergarten, the schools like to know that the applicants for kindergarten know about the world around them: their address, their parent's names, their parent's occupations, how many people live in their house and so on. The other day I did an assessment and this adorable young man told me his Dad was named, "Babe". Well, it turns out he has a "real" name and outside of the home, he does not go by "Babe".

Why is this important? It gives a school an idea of whether your child is ready for kindergarten and knows where he/she fits in the world.

Social emotional intelligence is important!!!

No matter if your child is 4 or 14, emotional intelligence matters. Are you looking for a school that values that part of development? You should be!!!

Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, all things education from preschool through high school. This is what we do: find fit, not brand!

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