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Sidney Poitier, activist and a man of character

Could there have been a more principled, well-spoken, powerful activist than Sidney Poitier? He recently passed away at the age of 94, but his work lives on.

The first Black performer to win the best actor in 1963 for Lilies of the Fields. This legend, born in the Bahamas, raised in poverty, was a humanitarian and a highly regarded civil rights leader throughout his life. Best known for films like: In the Heat of the Night, To Sir WIth Love, Lilies of the Fields and Guess Who's Coming For Dinner. He was an actor, film director and ambassador to UNESCO too. Watch these films and talk to your children about their so very important themes of respect, authority, stereo-typing and bigotry, Sidney Poitier also spoke fluent Russian, had 6 daughters and was close friends with Harry Belafonte.

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