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"Somehow we weathered and witnessed a nation that isn't broken but simply unfinished" -Amanda Gorman

These words were so powerful and so healing all at once. Make sure your children hear her words, her delivery and her message.

Amazingly, not only is Amanda a 22 year old poet laureate, in itself extraordinary, but she has a speech impediment, like President Biden, who has a stutter and yet chose as a young child to be a poet. She practiced with " Aaron Burr, Sir" a song from Hamilton because she has trouble with "r's" to get ready for this speech. And boy did she nail it!!!!!

When young people, especially young girls, see someone as powerful as Amanda Gorman, it makes a difference, Girls no longer want to be just princesses or ballerinas, 41% want to enter the world of science, engineering and math. Read Susan Adams', a senior editor covering education, article in Forbes.

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