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Strategize, schedule, supplement, learn about social equity and value safety

Well, we've already done some of this, right? It's not easy supporting your kids at home, especially if you're not a teacher and you are actually trying to work yourself. There are things you can do at home to make this easier. Virtual learning will continue this school year.

Make sure the work are is brightly lit and that the work schedule is posted nearby.

Predictability is critical for early learners, keep the same learning times each day. When possible, build routines that increase independence. Many schools start the day with a song or a meeting, for example.

Familiarize yourself with readiness standards, focus on a few things. If your child is under 5, lessons should be no longer than 45 minutes. More time for play and exploration are age appropriate and necessary.

Things that are important for pre-kindergarten kids are:

writing your name

counting to 30

knowing colors and shapes

knowing upper case letters, then later in the year, lower case letters

knowing the sounds of letters

knowing words that start with each letter of the alphabet

listening to a story and answering questions about the plot line

drawing a picture of themselves

developing self-help skills (getting dressed by themselves, feeding themselves, going to the bathroom by themselves)

Encourage your children to be independent in work and play.

Read to your child, develop a rich library of books, including ones on social justice.

These are rough times for all, need help with finding a tutor, teacher, coach or school? Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, because we got this!

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