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Teach kids HOW to think, not WHAT to think, find a school that does that as part of their mission.

Social justice? Chess moves? Math programs? Why are masks important? Who really discovered America? Should a tennis player be disqualified if they accidentally hit a referee or judge? These are all things kids need to think about, and so do parents as they choose schools.

Since parents are in charge, you need to make decisions that your children might not like. TOO BAD!!! However, children

are in charge of their feelings and they can choose to be upset.

(great parenting blog:

Have you gotten the flu shot? Required for many schools by the DOH, CVS gives them for free, just do it!

Has your child been to the Dentist? Now, is the time! (uptown and downtown locations)

What will you tell your child about RBG or George Floyd or Sojourner Truth? Social justice matters!

Don't just find a good school, find the right school. Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we got this! Tutors, books to read, child assessments, school choices, specialists, options and so much more!

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