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The great workbook controversy for kids, good or not? Screen time, too much?

There is lots of good material on the internet and in workbooks. Here are some fun examples.

1. Highlights Magazine is great for babies-12 year olds. They have wonderful workbooks that come with stickers, pencil projects, mazes and great stories.This magazine has been around since 1946, and there is the added plus that your kids get the fun of its being delivered to them in the mail! (

2. Ranger Rick is a delightful magazine for 0-12 year olds that also comes in the mail and is filled with animal fun. they have crafts and activities, games and jokes, videos and much more. (

3. "Don't Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book!" A super fun Book by Mo Willems and You! Also, "We Are in an Art-ivity Book!" by Mo Willems .

These workbooks will have the kids thinking, drawing, reading and laughing. The perfect combination of art, reading and writing.

4. "Mad Libs Workbook: Grade 1 reading"

This one is enormous fun for the whole family providing endless laughter.

5. Cookie Monster hosts a snack chat on Sesame Street's YouTube channel on Tuesdays. What could be more delicious than sharing a cookie and making a smoothie?

6. LegoLand ( has a building challenge every Wednesday with how-to videos. This site also offers weekly word searches, mazes, coloring pages and fun stories.

7. Watch the Nightly News with Lester Holt the kids edition on NBC. The kids are amazing and ask great questions about when sports will come back and can animals get the Coronavirus. Recently Carson Daly's son Jackson talks about on-line safaris and how his recent homework included making a board game about a book he read.

8. Random act of kindness: Thank the people that work in your neighborhood drugstores so that you can get essential items and medicine.

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