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Toys and toys and toys!

What your child plays with is part of who they will become! Choose wisely. All the more vital because we know that this year with virtual learning, children's learning has dropped dramatically.

‘Unprecedented learning loss’

As the fall semester winds to a close, final assessments and midterm grades are due. And many, many children will have failed their classes.

  • In Houston, the nation’s seventh-largest public school district, 42 percent of students failed two or more classes in the first grading period, compared with 11 percent in a normal year.

  • In Fairfax County, Va., an internal analysis found that the percentage of middle school and high school students earning F’s in at least two classes had jumped to 11 percent in the first quarter this year from 6 percent a year ago.

  • In Washington, D.C., internal testing data shows steep declines in the number of kindergartners through second-grade students meeting literacy benchmarks.

  • In Chicago, the nation’s second-largest district, 13 percent of high school students failed math in the fall quarter, compared with 9.5 percent last fall.

So, what should you buy?

Guess Who is a great game for 4-8 year olds to play. This is a guessing game with 24

mystery cards and 48 face cards. It builds vocabulary, attention span, taking turns and how to make an educated guess.

Or how about great crayons in interesting shapes that small hands can easily hold? They're called Rocks and are great for children 2-12. These increase graphs-motor skills and strength for when your child writes.

Or how about a Shadow Box Kit from MOMA for 8+ year olds? Support a museum and build your child's eye hand coordination, creativity and spatial relationship ability.

Or how about a writing tablet from Lakeshore? Great for 3-10 year olds!

There are so many wonderful "educational toys" for kids of all ages. Find the right gift, contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this, help with : toy ideas, school choice, child assessments, interview skills, organization and so much more.

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