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USA is solid gold in the winter Olympics, here's why!

Shaun White, probably the person who made snowboarding into the sport it is today, has class! He may not have won gold this time, but he went out with a smile, tears, reverence for the sport and gratitude. Winner!

Mikaela Schiffrin may not have won gold this time, but this highly decorated skier finished on top because she met with the media, she made no excuses, she said the weather was rough and she had a bad day and she smiled and stood proud. Winner!

Nathan Chen had a terrible fall in his last competition but he came into the Winter Olympics and took GOLD and said the medal was so heavy because it was for the many people that helped him get there, especially his mother who drove him to practices across the states since he was 3 years old. Winner!

Speed skater Erin Jackson's best friend Brittany Bowe (on the right), gave her spot up when Erin tripped during the trials so she could compete at the Winter Olympics and then was the first one to congratulate her friend at the finish line. Class and friendship, total winners!!!

All this is to say these are the values you need to teach your children if you want them to be winners. Not tutor them in subject matter, but instead "tutor" them in values. Teach your children to be kind.

When you look for a school, whether it is nursery school, kindergarten or high school, find one that values kindness because you're not really smart if you're not kind.

Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this, all things education, Preschool through High School.

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