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What do kids need? Warmth and routine!

Structure might be going to the pumpkin farm or apple picking since it is fall, and that's what many families traditionally do. Then you can roast seeds, make pies or apple sauce and do art projects. This is familiar to kids, doing these things, makes them feel normalized and secure.

What traditions does your family have that can be done safely? Apple picking? Pumpkin Patch? Outdoor sculpture gardens? Candy apple making? Hikes? Family game night? Museum visits?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art <>

Routines are critical in times of uncertainty. Have a calendar for young and older children, it keeps the day organized.

Set up a regular time to ZOOM with friends and relatives that you can't see right now.

Reflect on what is going on in the world, read about social justice and find the right school for your child. Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we can help with this! Interview skills, book lists, child assessments, tutors, school choice or even etiquette class-we got this!!!

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