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What will school look like this fall?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

No one really knows what will happen this fall, but they sure are working hard at different plans. Not all schools will do the same thing, because their physical plants are so different. Social distancing will be easier for some schools than others.

One possible scenario: the year starts on-line and then slowly the kids return when there is a vaccine or better treatment.

Another scenario: School opens with a smaller group of children in order to maintain social distancing.

Another scenario: getting the faculty ready to teach on-line and in person simultaneously

Another scenario: for 2 months the lower schools return, and the middle and upper schools continue on-line learning, then for 2 months the middle and upper schools return and the lower school will return home. That would take the schools who do this through December and then they would re-evaluate based on the vaccine and better treatment availability.

Another scenario is part of the school Tuesday and Thursday and part of the school Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then switch the next week.

Really, no one knows what will happen, NYC is just starting to re-open now.

One thing is for sure, all our children need to be resilient and resolute, we will all get through this and New York will be even stronger. We will all wear masks and wash our hands often.

All the schools are also deep diving now into social equity and anti-bias initiatives and soon enough, after alot of hard work by students, families, faculties, administrations, alums and boards, all the schools will be better for all of our children.

We're all in this together! Education matters!

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