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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

School is so necessary to expose children to different points of view, different kinds of people, different opinions and different learning. Only through talking and listening and really considering and then changing will our children be able to live in a socially equitable world no matter what their chosen career.

Reading to children and having them read about many kinds of people is so necessary. Your home may be homogeneous, or your neighborhood might be, or your school might be, but the world is not. Open up the world for your children. This inspires questions, thoughts and possibilities.

Parents need to do the work too, People Are Marching Against Racism. They're Also Reading About It:

We need to choose schools that celebrate social equity and thoughtful learning. Now is the time to find out what kind of learner your child is and what kind of school will help your child maximize their potential. Our children are the future leaders of our world, we owe it to them to give them all the tools they need to be agents of change and careful, informed thinkers.

Education breeds confidence.

Confidence breeds hope.

Hope breeds peace.


Need help evaluating your child? Understanding what schools are out there? Developing a plan? Talking about educational values? Contact: Wendy Levey Consulting, We got this.

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