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Wow, Dr. Lisa Damour explains and strategizes with parents and educators about teenagers!

Teenagers aren't easy and their emotions are BIG and forceful. Last night The Hewitt School hosted Dr. Lisa Damour talking about raising and working with capable and connected teens who are able to control their emotions effectively.

Described by Hewitt Head of School, Dr. Tara Kinsey, in her introduction as a thought leader, Dr. Lisa Damour gave us all a lot to think about in her talk in a cogent, funny, actionable way.

Important takeaways:

*moodiness is normal

*our job is to be a steady presence

*emotions cannot run lives

*it is normal to hate seeing your child in pain

*expect distress from teens

*be empathetic

*help normalize the problem

Perhaps most importantly, emotions are growth giving. Teens deal with them differently, some will talk about them, some will listen to loud music or dance or paint to deal with them, the point is that they are dealing with them. Just getting the feelings out there is restorative.

Buy this book: The Emotional Lives of Teenagers by Dr. Lisa Damour to learn more.

Thank you Dr. Lisa Damour for writing this important book and thank you The Hewitt School, my alma mater, for hosting such a stellar night that was thought provoking, research driven and truly helped demystify teenage emotions. Can I get a re-do with my children who have their own children now?

Need help finding a school that recognizes not only the importance of education but also the emotional side of kids? Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this preschool through high school.

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