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100 greatest children's books? How can you resist looking at this?

The BBC compiled this list and had many people from all over weigh in, what do YOU think?

When you think back to your childhood what do you remember? (Among the books I lovingly remember are: Pippi Longstocking, Stuart Little, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Alice in Wonderland, The Borrowers, The Little Prince, Charlotte's Web, Huckleberry Finn, Little Women, The Secret Garden, The Wind in the Willow, Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Anderson, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Winnie the Pooh, Babar, Peter Pan, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, Curious George, Cinderella, A girl Grows Up in Connecticut and on and on and on. And I read these books to my kids and I'm waiting to read many of them to my grandchildren.

There is no doubt but that reading is of paramount importance for all of us, reading with children, reading to children and reading to yourself.

Why is reading important?

1. Reading improves focus

2. Reading builds memory

3. Reading illustrates and builds empathy

4. Reading helps with communication skills

5. Reading helps you understand the world, especially if it is a different world

6. Reading can reduce stress

7. Reading exposes you to and teaches you new things

8. Reading builds imagination

Knowledge is power, build this skill in and for your children.

Find a school that teaches your child how to read, the fun of reading and the value in reading because reading matters!

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