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2-4-6-8, who do we appreciate? TEACHERS!!!!

Wow, has this been a crazy year. Teachers have had to pivot big time to learn how to teach virtually, to manage their time remotely and to figure out how to add socialization into the mix!

It might even be a father.

Or a teacher in the classroom.

Or a coach.

It might be a team of teachers.

It might be an on line teacher.

It might be a science experiment that a beloved grandpa provided.

It might be Nana.

It might be in person at school.

It might be a cooking class with Dad.

It could be your sister teaching you how to read.

It could be Mommy teaching you at home.

It could be your Daddy teaching you about social equity.

Whomever the teacher, tutor, coach is, and wherever your child is being taught, please know that that person is working overtime to do their very best. Just say thank you, just do it.

Need a tutor for now? Need a school for next year? Need a child assessment? Need someone to help you with organization, options, or decisions regarding education? Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we got this.

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