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Teachers who had an impact: Mrs. Delman!!!!!

This amazing English teacher held the bar high. She demanded excellence from us and for me, it was a powerful motivator! Thank you, Mrs. Delman!

When she read Hamlet, it stormed outside, and when she oversaw The Hewitt Student Council, we made meaningful changes in the school.

She died in 2009 and her obituary read: "Economist, integration activist, English Chair at The Hewitt School, she loved teaching, art, theatre and finding presents for the family." And she was my English teacher and so ahead of her time in the 1960's.

Teachers matter, they are the people that shape our children's minds. Reach out and tell your teachers how much they mean to you, because education matters.

Today and every day, thank your teachers, for shaping your child's mind, for teaching them to wonder, and for the hard work they do every, single day.

Do you have your child in a school with inspirational teaching? You should! Reach out to Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this, all things education, preschool through high school.

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