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Are you a helicopter parent? Or a snowplow parent? Not smart!

Tie their own shoes, help with dinner, read to themselves, play chess, build a Lego structure? All very smart ways to make your kids self-sufficient and have control over their environment .

Parents who always get their kids dressed, build the buildings for their child, ask to have a teacher changed at school because your child got a low grade are all dangerous developmental roadblocks. Do you text your college aged children to be up for class?Teach your child to take care of themselves starting at 3, teach your child manners so they are well received by others starting at 3, give your child jobs at home that are manageable and for heaven's sake, let your older kids wake themselves up!

Above all, teach your children that this is their world and they need to be best prepared to take it on effectively. Social justice needs to be the new norm, are you reading about that? Do you have toys, books, friends that reflect social equity?

What is smart is reaching out to people who know how to do these things well, contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we got this: tutors, etiquette class, child assessments, choosing the right school, book lists, specialist referrals and so much more!

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