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Are you thinking about college?

Wendy Levey Consulting has just started working with YFT Admissions Consulting. Amer Rehman and Zainab Khan are the co-founders of this amazing company that help show your child off in the best possible way. While your own school surely has stellar college counselors, YFT has unlimited time to spend with your child, YFT's sole focus is your child. They are advocates for each student, figuring out what works best for each child.

YFT Admissions Consulting operate on an unlimited consulting model and always respond promptly. YFT is there for the long haul, they begin as early as eighth-ninth grade and it will always be Amer and Zainab working with your child.

I have been a long time advisor to YFT, their results are outstanding. There are no short cuts and no manufactured or engineered attributes, they simply package your child in the most beneficial way to find the best college for them.

Amer and Zainab are first and foremost educators and mentors, integrity is at the base of everything they do and put forward. Their ability to elevate a student's profile is unparalleled.

Wendy Levey Consulting is so proud to liason with Amer and Zainab, please contact me for more information and an introduction to Amer and Zainab.

Education is a journey, finding the right schools makes all the difference!

Contact: Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this from pre-school now to college!!!

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