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Being there for a child is the most noble thing a toy can do. (Woody from Toy Story)

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Whether a toy is a personalized jigsaw puzzle:

or a bike which helps with gross motor skills, or a Lego city to build:

Find something magical that will stretch your child's mind or body, healthy body, healthy mind!

Here are some interesting ideas:

A build your own globe for children 10 and up:


or, how about a magnetic carry along shape and letter case for children 3-6 year olds:


Or a drawing and writing book to build vocabulary and a love of art for children 3-5 years old?


Or even a stuffed animal (28 varieties) that can be cold or hot for comfort:


Consider toys that help achieve social justice: shop at SHOPPE BLACK: Your trusted source for all things black owned globally or brown-girls-stationery.myshopify/com that sells school supplies with an 11 year old CEO, Kamaria Warren who founded Brown Girls Stationery. Look into The Fresh Dolls,, owned by entrepreneur Dr. Lisa Williams who went from Professor to the creator of the largest Black owned multi-cultural doll company.

Doll playing builds empathy!

There are so many ways to help your children learn, because knowledge is power! Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this: concierge educational gift service, school choice, child assessments, etiquette class, interview skill work and so much more!

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