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Books are for everyone, they make you smarter, calmer and cooler!

When my kids were little, every Saturday I took them to Diane's Book Store in Greenwich, CT to read, buy books and learn to love the written word.

I taught them that books would take them places and I never considered them gifts, just necessary for living, like air!

Read this summer, with your kids, to your kids and alongside your kids.

Reading and learning new words and finding out about about new places and getting ideas for what to be when you grow up is magical.

Maybe your child will write a book one day, like this young lady did at 15 years of age about the ocean and pollution.

Read to babies.

Give your children all kinds of books.

And go to the library or a bookstore and give YOUR child the magic.

Does your school give you good books to read?

Contact Wendy Levey Consulting for: book and toy ideas, school advice, interview skill work, school differentiation and so much more. All things education for preschool through high school.

Maybe you'll be 97 years old and publish a book during the pandemic, my Dad did, Due Diligence and the News.

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