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Does your child have a teacher that has changed their life? They should!

Did that teacher unlock creativity in your child? Did they give your child a life long love of reading? Sports? Tech? Music?

I had that teacher in 9th grade at The Hewitt School in New York City. Her name was Mrs. Delman and she taught Shakespeare like none other. When she read Macbeth, it stormed outside. I developed a love of reading, a life-long interest in words and their meanings, a strong vocabulary and the ability to develop the meaning of a plot, follow a storyline, understand character development and mostly love all literature.(well maybe not Sci-Fi, but everything else!)

Is your child looking forward to going back to school?

They should be!

Find the right school where your child will find the love of learning, social equity and life-long values to be successful in whatever they do.

Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this, all things education, preschool through high school.

Don't wait, education matters.

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