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Is your child a genius just because they know the alphabet?

Nope! Children learn visually, auditory or kinesthetically. It is important to know which way they best learn best to maximize their learning. If all three modes are used, your child will learn. For example, if you are learning sequencing and you ask a child to put beads on a string in a pattern, they might do it, or if you play sounds for them of a duck, a train, a whistle and a cow they might get it or they might do best if you show them train tracks and ask them which way the train is going, they might learn that way.

How your child takes in information will determine retention, understanding and the ability to make meaningful connections.

Some kids need to touch it, others need to hear it and most need to see it.

However your child learns, find the right school that understand learning, because just memorizing the alphabet is not really learning.

Contact. Wendy Levey Consulting, we got this because education matters!! Find the right school for your child, not anyone else's! Schools need carefully thought out missions, strong curriculums and social equity.

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