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Is your family ready for this virtual school world with personal touches?

Are you and your children ready for socialization? Have you started the process of re-introducing your children to other kids who are not family? Does your child remember how to share? Take turns talking? Look someone in the eye? Raise their hand? If applying for kindergarten, will they be comfortable using earphones which are required for the T&E test? Make sure to "re-introduce" your kids and yourselves in a safe way, with masks to other people outside. How about going to Central Park and see the new statue of Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony and have a picnic with some friends? Social Justice is important!

We know that the admissions process for school this year will be virtual, how will you add your personal touch to stand out?

What can parents do to distinguish themselves and their children? How about writing an essay that anecdotally really captures your child? Don't say my child is "so smart" or "so unusual" without backing it up with a story that illustrates that. (my child decided to do a study of the front doors of all the school we are looking at and we researched what the symbols were and when the school was founded)

When you write a note to the school, and this year it will be all emails, think about what you are saying, use correct grammar and point out something from a conversation, or from the school web site that really spoke to you. Do not name drop, no one cares who you know.(Dear Head of Admissions,

When we spoke yesterday and you mentioned the robotics program that your school offers starting in Second Grade, we looked at your offerings on line and the photos and videos of the children as they learned about this very important aspect of scientific inquiry, and this really stood out to us for our child.

We look forward to continuing this process and learning about all the other special aspects of your school's curriculum.

How funny that your Head of School played softball in college, as did Georgie's Mom and that we knew so many of the same people!


The Scmiddleheimer family, parents of Georgina, applicant for kindergarten 2021)

Send a picture of your child that really captures their personality, but isn't silly.

Right now words really matter, how you present yourself to the school you are looking at will be different that ever before. Don't be long-winded but be descriptive.

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