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It may be Joe time, but it's also Jill time!

Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it---- we have an educator in Washington!!!! Why is this meaningful? It has been a REALLY long time since we have had someone in power who actually cares about education.

How we learn, when we learn and where we learn is of supreme importance. Having an educator and a woman at the top bodes well for the future of education and especially how young girls see their possibilities.

Now is the time for social equity, now is the time to educate yourselves.

Our children are the future!!

Get organized, find the right school!!! Call Wendy Levey Consulting, we can help with interview skills, school choice, organizational skills, educational gift choice, etiquette class (YES, civility does matter, that's one of the reasons why we have a new President!) and so much more.

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