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Just give me some of that old fashioned rock 'n roll!

Music appears to fast start brain development in young children. The parts of the brain that are impacted the most are language development, speech perception and literacy skills. Music helps children in their early development learn the sounds and meanings of words. And music just makes you feel good!

Some fun ideas for music and dance activities are:

1. Make your own instruments like castanets and boomwhackers with household objects:

2. Learn how to hip hop dance and other genres:

3. Listen to a song and draw what you hear.

4. Play Freeze Dance, Musical Chairs, Name that tune

5. Learn the keyboard by chalking it out on a driveway, large piece of paper in the hallway,

wherever you can. Kids can learn the musical alphabet, learn what the keyboard looks

like and jump from note to note.

6. Sing songs like Old Macdonald Had a Farm with props or puppets or Listen to Peter and the Wolf and act out the characters.

7. Try engaging your child in theatre, dance, hip-hop, yoga etc with Broadway Bound Kids.

8. Visit FunikiJam's youtube page and go on a safari, learn South American songs, do a Beach party and so much more.

9. "Sing, sing a song, sing out loud and sing out strong! SIng of happy, not sad. Sing, sing a song, make it simple to last a whole life long". Thank you to The Carpenters:

10. Random act of kindness: Write a note of appreciation to someone in a grocery store or drugstore and say thank you for working.

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