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Make sure your children read! It's better than screen-time and makes you curious and smarter!

How do you get test scores to go up? Read! How do you learn about far-away places and other cultures? Read! How do you increase your vocabulary? Read!

As the summer and time away from school approaches, make sure your children are reading. It can be books, it can be magazines but reading is so important.

Reading exposes your children to new ideas, different cultures, increases and enrichens vocabularies, helps with emotional intelligence, targets problem-solving skills, expands your knowledge of history and so much more. Reading boosts your intelligence.

Go to the library!

Go to a bookstore!

Buy your children books!

Schools that value reading make a difference. need help finding the right school?

Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this, all things education, from preschool through highschool.

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