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Men working? NO, workers present!!!

10 year old Vivian Anderson, from Tampa, Florida saw a sign that said men working. She asked her mother why it said that when there were men and women working. Her Mom said why don't you write the mayor who happens to be a woman, and she did! Now, the signage says : workers present.

In order to survive in this complicated world, your children need to have a voice. Teach by example, show them, tell them, help them stand up for what is important. Make sure that they can live in a world with social equity.

Finding the right school is imperative! Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we will help you identify, differentiate and assess the schools. Or: help you find a tutor, or help you and or your child with interviewing skills, or assess your child, or find specialists or look at suggest valuable books and articles to consider, or help edit essays and so much more! Tell your children about people like RBG, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Jr and so many others who made a difference!

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