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Mental health issues, teacher shortage, lack of connecting- what to do?

Are we overly worried about achievement and not concerned enough about the joy of learning?

There are many great books to read, here are two that are excellent:

Dr. Ned Hallowell, a renown child and adult psychiatrist, has said, don't worry alone, resiliency comes with sharing your issues with others, then it's not so scary.

What can we do? We need more teachers, that's for sure.

We need to respect teachers and pay teachers what they are worth or they will continue to leave the field or burn out.

Our children deserve the best minds there are to inspire, lead, mentor and teach them. Does your school have that?

Our kids have been isolated, they are glued to devices and their mental health is suffering. They need connections and meaningful relationships.

Find the right school to partner with to find THOSE schools that do that, find the joy in learning, not the artificial measurements of success.

Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, all things education from preschool to high school, we've got this!

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