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Middle School/Upper School should be special, setting you up for the next leg of your journey

Read my piece in Business Insider on Middle and Upper schools in NYC doing a good job,

Middle School and Upper School set kids up for following their passions, exploring new ideas, targeting interests and developing study skills to be strong learners and change makers.

For example at The Hewitt School seniors are doing:

Each Hewitt senior developed a unique Extended Inquiry project addressing a significant real-world problem or question that has emerged in her classes. Watch video highlights showing how students synthesized their research, critical reading, and writing into engaging presentations for the Hewitt community.

One of these was on the impact of water on life starting with looking at aqueducts and then the Flint water crisis in Flint, Michigan and the socio-economic aspects of this crisis. Another was on Disneyland and the lines to get into the park or go on a ride and how the pattern of lines changed the timing, interest and accessibility to the different rides. This presentation used math, history and science to create a meaningful project.

At Riverdale, Middle School Project Week exposes kids to Dance or Business or Cooking to learn with teachers and peers outside the classroom. They get to see process, discover that you learn all the time, even when you're on the subway. All students and faculty participate.

Constructing America an 11th grade interdisciplinary year long course that is a history and English class and Riverdale's capstone class. They read Washington Irving look at the Hudson River painters, explore the history of America's development and so much more.

At Browning they offer Marine Biology where high school boys can explore marine ecology and sustainability at the Island School in The Bahamas or one of the Seniors conducted Medical Research at Cornell.

When you look for a school, find one that prepares your child to fit and thrive in the world he/she will enter.

Need help differentiating? Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this, all things education preschool through high school!

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