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Of gratitude and grit

There are many things, people and acts to be grateful for this year. Take the time to think about these, talk about these and feel the strength of knowing that your children will be so much stronger and ready to take on the world if you help them to develop grit .Be grateful for: essential workers, family, friends, living in a democracy that allows everyone to vote and have a voice, schools, your mind, your health and so much more.

We have the privilege of living in a democracy.

Children can learn about math, science and engineering with simple home props.

We have had our awareness raised on the importance of social equity.

We have the joy of family.

We are about to have the first female, Asian-American, African-American Vice-President ever in the history of the United States.

We have books and dreams and we'll always have that.

And we have schools, find the right one that instills values, has educational vision, cares about social equity and takes your children to all the wonderful places in history, science, art, music, language, language arts, sociology, sports, theatre and so much more.

Find that school, contact Wendy Levey Consulting where we help with school choice, child assessments, interview skills, book lists, etiquette class, educational toy and gift choices and so much more.

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