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Of kindness and gratitude, teach it + live it.

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Are you actively working on teaching your children to be kind and grateful? It's important, it will differentiate your child whether they are young or older. (When I was 14, I had a date with a boy who lived in my building, and all of a sudden a "better" option presented itself. I told my mother that I wasn't going to go out with the first boy, but instead the second one. What did she say? "You can go out with the first date you made, or you can stay home." I learned very quickly and that would never happen to me again.)

I worked in a school today where they made a Friendship Board to discuss the components of being a good friend:

I love that one of the suggestions in this kindergarten classroom was standing up for your friend.

There are also many wonderful books on this topic:

Or kind gestures to be made:

Make sure that this is a value in your home and in your school, help your child to be the child others want to emulate.

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