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Pandemic winding down, look for adventure!

Children have had a crazy 2 years with the pandemic, this we know. I recently saw a presentation by George Maurer, a self-described adventure cyclist, musician and storyteller who travels all over the country and the world on his bicycle!! It is even a sustainable bike!

George travels to a myriad of places shipping his dissembled bike and re-assembling it when he arrives at his destination. And oh the places he has seen!! He has designed a presentation as a 50 minute travel log for school assemblies. What did I like best? That he meets so many new people and what is his lesson for kids/people? How to make new friends, find something you have in common! Simple, but elegant!

It can be: cooking, art, sports, music, skateboards, writing, robotics, eating, drama, a cappella singing, hiking, a foreign language, badminton, dinosaurs-it can be anything!!!

I was consulting in a school the other day and saw some 11th graders coming out of a adjunct space in the school library. One of the boys while walking out accidentally knocked something over that made a loud noise and what did he do? He turned to the girl behind him and said, "I'm sorry if that scared you." Wow, THAT young man is a winner!!

Teach your kids to make friends by finding commonality and go out and find an adventure!!

One way to do this is by finding the right school! Contact Wendy Levey Consulting, we've got this- all things education from pre-school through high school.

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